Two Sisters Win Huge Prize from William Hill Bingo Promotion

Two sisters recently won a huge prize the day after they became William Hill Casino members.   The two sisters, Darnell and Casey, were awarded a Fiat Panda, a brand new car worth £6,000.  That said, while both have shared in the winnings, Darnell was the initial winner.  She was playing at William Hill Bingo, when she was declared the winner of the casino’s promotion.

Although Darnell had played the William Hill game by placing the maximum £100 wager, she was still surprised when she received the amazing prize she won.  In fact, when Darnell was first informed of her winning, she had assumed what she had won was a small stuffed animal and had no idea how awesome her prize was until her mother informed her that the Fiat Panda was actually a car.

The William Hill Bingo spokesperson stated that Darnell was the company’s first Wales winner of their ongoing promotion.

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