RocketFrog offers social casino games with a twist

Casino games have always been a bit of a taboo on various social networks, but the managers of RocketFrog have decided to change that with some innovative measures.

From now on, RocketFrog will be offering real prizes for its Facebook players. The prizes are not in cash right now, although that might well change in the feature and it is no doubt that the company will be trying to go in that direction. At the moment, players can win prizes like discount vouchers or movie tickets – and the list is still growing.

With the backing of celebrities and experienced businessmen like Tom Anderson or Brody Jenner, RocketFrog are undoubtedly aiming high with their projects and it is clear that places like Facebook can be the ideal markets with an enormous supply of new customers. Nevertheless, there are some regulatory laws standing in the way, so some of the most ambitious plans will probably have to wait for quite some time.

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