32Red Casino's surprising big payout

32Red Casino is well-known for its large selections of slot games with exciting jackpots, so the fact that yet another big payout has just been recorded at this online casino simply does not come as a big surprise.

Sometimes, players need long hours of game play until they manage to win a large jackpot. However, things were a bit different this time around. The player from New Zealand, who goes under the name of Jake S, needed just twenty-one minutes in order to win the jackpot of more than £24.000.

Even more interestingly, the lucky player has opened his 32Red Casino account just three days before this big payout. Well, how lucky is that! Luck has obviously been on his side - even though he has not managed to win the biggest jackpot The Dark Knight offers, it is always nice to convert a 60p play into such a grand prize.

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