Gambling Survey Report revealed by UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling Commission Survey Report reveals interesting results.

According to the latest survey carried out by the UK Gambling Commission indicates a minor increase in remote gambling activity in the United Kingdom. This is all owed to the fact that most of the citizens preferred to purchase their lottery tickets online.

The survey that the UK Gambling Commission made shows that from September 2010 to June 2011 11.4% out of 4,000 adults have participated to the remote gambling in the past month and 50% of them have got their tickets online.

Around 10.5% of them used a laptop or a computer to participate at remote gambling, almost 3.2% made use of mobile phones for gambling and 1.4% by Interacting and digital TV gambling.

The statistics indicate that around 56.7% of the citizens have participated in at least one way of land wagering and the number was increased by 0.05% in 2010.

I.e., 46.3%of the people gambled by the National Lottery, 11.6% of them made the purchase of the tickets for a good cause, 10.7% of them prefer playing scratch cards and 3.3% love to gamble on slot machines.

In the end, is has been noticed that males with the age between 18 and 44 are involved in the remote gambling in the United Kingdom.

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