Online casinos in Atlantic City start with hotel room gambling

People in Atlantic City could start playing online casino games remotely from hotel rooms in mobile casino mode. Two bills formerly proposed in 2006 could grant them this opportunity.

These two bills were proposed initially in 2006, after a similar scheme was introduced in Las Vegas. With Senator Kim Whelan now ruling the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Commitee, the bills are in discussion this week.

The devices used allow gamblers to continue their gaming experience up in their rooms, without having to go downstairs in the crowd, at the playing tables.

The devices are also properly made in order to avoid being used by under-aged players or to function outside the casino perimeter, and an account is necessary to be created.

How will people get access to the games directly is still not clear but the Senator relies on the current technology involving wireless devices such as smartphones and iPads, which weren't available 30 years ago.

Only projects which above $20,000,000 will qualify for this scheme.

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